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Mocup Template is a system of templates – a building kit if you will – crafted specially for designers or agencies. Bring your presentation to the next level using Mocup Template – create wonderful visuals using your own designs, share them on Behance in your portfolio, blow everyone away with your presentation in Full HD – what have you!

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Where the ordinary road ends, your story is just about to begin. Mocup Stories.


For a convenient opening of a PSD file, the Adobe photoshop version CS5+ will suffice. Mocup Template however contains a large presentation /Portfolio Design Template.psd which allows you to work with “Artboards”.

We think of all our customers. For users who don’t have the newest version of Photoshop CC, we’ve got an alternative – you will find each and every one of the Artboards converted to a PSD file in a /All Templates/ in the root. Where you can edit each of the PSDs separately. Neat, huh?

All the objects used in the Mocup Template are in curves which means you can edit all you like without losing a bit of quality. The presentation also includes vector objects of the devices which are placed in Smart Objects. Just double-click the smart object and it will open in Adobe Illustrator. That is why it’s necessary to have at least CS5+ version to edit them.


The presentation is either light or dark themed. It’s only up to you which direction you choose – you have the option to combine them as you wish, so your presentation is going to be just great.

  1. 18 Unique Creative Slides
  2. Invert slides (Light & Dark Version)
  3. Retina and Full HD (1920×1080)
  4. 16:9 Full HD Screen
  5. Easy Image replace function
  6. Fully Editable Slides
  7. Drag&Drop Object Placeholders
  8. Resizable Vector & Shape Elements
  9. Icons (Included in PSD files)
  10. Documentation
  11. Free Fonts Used
  12. Free Fast Support
  13. Free Updates
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Step by Step

Install Free Fonts

You can download fonts for free from Google Fonts. All you have to do is install them in your OS and add them to Photoshop.


Download from Google Fonts:
Raleway font

Open Sans

Download from Google Fonts:
Open Sans font

Using Artboards

After opening the /Portfolio Design Template.psd file, you will see a canvas with individual slides that you can edit comfortably.

We recommend you switch on the function Auto Select: Layer in the Move Tool. This function will make it easier for you to move and select layers with individual artboards of the whole psd file. With just one click on the layer, you can edit the text easily. See the image below:

Each artboard is titled for example Header #1 and you can find it in the Layers menu. See the image below:

You may export the artboards all at once or individually. You will find a list of the artboards in the Layers menu. If you want, you can select individual artboards by holding the CMD / CTRL key and clicking on the layers. After a right click, a contextual menu will pop up and by choosing the Export as... you will open the window for exporting the image. You can then connect all the exported slides into one image or insert them into the presentation one by one. See the image below:

How do you proceed with artboards that are connected? Easy! You don’t have to replace all the smart objects individually in each of the linked artboards. All you have to do is click on one artboard and select smart object where you want to replace the content. After double clicking the smart object "see the section Add Your Content", a new window will open where you can add your picture or other content. By using the shortcut CMD+S / CTRL+S you can save and close the document right away. Your work will reflect in all the linked artboards automatically. See the image below:

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Using the smart object, we make it much easier for you to work in the template. You’ve got everything you need, ready to go, only a few mouse clicks away. When you do get lost, use our quick support.

Add Your Content

Because we want you to be able to tailor this presentation exactly as you want, you can change all the objects, all the elements of the presentation according to your desire. Moving, scaling down, enlarging, rotating, adding some perspective… Whatever. You. Want.
You’ve got all the source files as well so when you figure you want to change the color of the device –no problem. Just double click the smart object of one of the devices – Illustrator pops up and you can start. After you save say, a smartphone, it will update in the whole presentation – just as you’ve just edited it.

You can change the content of individual screens just as easily. See the image below:

After double clicking the smart object, a canvas will open where you’re free to simply drag and drop your design, save with CMD+S / CTRL+S and close. Your design will show up on the device. See the images below:

What next

Import Mockups to Template

Double clicking the smart object of selected artboard, a canvas will open where you’re free to simply drag and drop or using menu "File" => "Placed Linked..." place mockup PSD file, save with CMD+S / CTRL+S and close. Your design will show on the background of artboard. See the images below:

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Create wonderful visuals using our mockups and impress

Useful Tips

Your presentation may look a lot better, just when it added a themed pictures. How to do it? With Mocupe Stories can do much more. Presentation of the story is very attractive. More information: Mocup Stories.

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